Thursday, March 24, 2005

No Momentum Yet

Sick as a dog. So pretty much running to the bathroom is the extent of my 'running'.
Will try again when gods appear to be more favorable.
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Monday, March 21, 2005

First Day

Okay. Didn't go so good. However, did walk the dog which was a change.
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I ran out for cigarettes and...Hey! what happened? It looks like everybody moved out and left a ghost blog (town?).

Well, I am gonna report my running activity, which begins today right after my coffee (and the dog gets walked).
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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Run Pamalama Run!

Monday was 10k.
Hot as I mentioned in my blog entry about.
Also about 6k in I got a TIGHT shin and had to walk it off so I was way behind everyone else. Which was fine as I did not want a tender shin on Tuesday.

Wednesday's 8 was much nicer. Almost cold infact. It was quick run because I was holding the keys to the store and didn't want to have a huge group of people waiting in the rain when I got back.

Somethings I've noticed with the extra running.

(I am running one extra day now and adding mileage constantly)

I've lost 4 of the 9 lbs I gained back with my shin issues.

I found my running mojo!
I really loving it again which is so good because it was chore for me for about 6 weeks.

I need more food now.

You can feed me a bbq-ed shoe after running and I will kiss you full on the mouth for cooking it for me.

14 on Saturday morning.
Let the games begin!
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Monday, July 12, 2004

Oops forgot to post on some runs

We ranonly 5k on thursday to rest up for the early morning run on Saturday.

It was uneventful. 5k in about 32 minutes, a few sprints between telephone posts...well not sprints but you know..faster running.

Sat am running was great. I am reall enjoying it. Again it was only 12k so nothing daunting (yet). It was cool and we did our own pace. Soon the marathoners were out of site, though a couple came back a few times to ensure we were ok and not dieing.

There was a water station set up with e-load and jujubes. So that was a nice break.

Everything worked great. I ran out of water and my belt made we sweat like a lunatic, so I bought a new fuel belt that holds 4 6oz bottles...loving that one.

As much as I hate getting up at 6am on Saturday morning, by about 3k into my run I am SO happy I did get up. I feel great for the rest of the day (extremely HUNGRY though).

My only question is, WHY do I still have 20 - 25lbs to lose?! I have been running for a year! I have increased my mileage like crazy. 37k last week, is a lot of me! I have lost alot (at least 20 -25lbs) in the last year and I not diet much at all. I fell off my no junk food wagon frequently.
I seemed to have plateaued and hope that the half marathon distances kick my fat ass skinnier.


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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Hey, Run on over here, I got something to say.

Ok, ok…I know you’re saying, “Where is he? He said he would do the Running Blog, too.” Does he not care anymore? Is he lying in a ditch somewhere dealing with pain caused from running that would kill a small animal? Well, no. I’m just a procrastinator. A running procrastinator though. Chin up. Forge ahead and all that.

Kim to answer your question, which I’ll recap here:

Rick... if I measure out a mile, and see how long it takes me to do, with running and walking, what would that tell me? I personally am more into time goals right now than distance. It's easier for me and seemingly more useful, to be able to say, I can run for 15 minutes right now. Because, my goal is strictly weight loss and then after that, weight maintenance. SO speed and distance don't seem important -- it's the length of time I'm moving for. Eventually the intensity will have to come up, but right now... 5 minutes is intense enough to nearly kill me!

I think the distance is important in creating a routine. Especially on those days when, “waaaaah…I just can’t do it today” (but in fact, you have to. Heh) If you have a set course/path you run, then even on the crappy days, heck, you could walk the whole thing, and you have a tangible, physical space to deal with as opposed to, “Y’know I’ll just run for 7 minutes today, then walk on home. Pretty soon it’s easier to miss days altogether.

Ooooh, boring personal story. I was stationed at a military base in Korea that had a flightline (runway, if you will) on one side and the rest of the base on the other. From my dorm to around the flightline and back to my dorm was 10K. For a lot of personal reasons that are totally irrelevant here, I was mad about being stationed in Korea and vented that anger by taking up running the distance around the flightline. The flightline itself was a restricted area with a dirt road around the perimeter which is where I ran. That was important because I could not just give up half way around, say fuck this (and I promise there were many a time I wanted to), and just cut across and go back to the dorm. Once begun, I had to go the distance. So very early on, it became a time issue rather than a distance thing. It took well over two hours initially to complete the distance, but relatively quickly, a couple/three months it was down to an hour.

So what I’m saying is that once the distance aspect was taken away I could focus on the time, which of course takes care of the speed. Oh, and the pounds did actually fall off. About 25-30pds worth over those months. Of course I had a huge distance (10K) involved on a daily basis but the greater the distance the greater the return.

I think this is a clever (if not downright sneaky) way to improve time. If you’re armed with a cheap digital watch that has a stopwatch function on it, and you start the clock with the first footfall of your run, the time just naturally grows shorter with each time you go the distance, because you want to get it over with more quickly. I guess that is what I would ask you to try. Looking at it from a time (not just running time) perspective. The average person, barring any kind of illness, or condition that would otherwise slow them down, walks 5 miles a day. That’s every average person, on average walks an average of five miles in the course of an average day’s time.

I am doing the 10K thing again because I found that it works for me, although these days I have my cell phone which is a real temptation when I’m out there and I wanna say, well, you know, and have somebody just come get me. Not really, but maybe.

I hope this answered your question.

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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Just keep running...just keep running...just keep running running running

Yes I know I've used that title before on my own blog but it fits OH SO WELL tonight.

Our half marathon training schedule calls for 8k on wednesdays which we were all set to do tonight. It was a little humid and a little hot. We decided to do a trail and head out. The marathoners were going too so we set off together deciding where everyone would be turing around to head back.

The trail is virtually flat except for a few hills getting there. It's wide and well shaded. We were told it would be 8k (altogether) if we went to the gate and back.

We got to the first gate and thought NO WAY we have not gone 4k. It's been to easy, the breathing to rythmic, our legs to light. So we assumed it was the next gate. The next gate was at the very least 1.5k away. Not a biggie, just more than we were supposed to do.

We stopped at the gate, had a drink and continued on our way. Still light legs, great breathing and energy to go go go.

Our run in the last k takes us up a hill and then back down. Tonight I flew up the incline, sailed effortlessly across the flat and fluttered down the other side.

This was an exceptional run for me!

I have no idea how long it took me, only that my legs are nice and tired now.

5k tomorrow night, then a rest day then long run Sat morning (7 am!!!!)

Happy running!
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Kim's Tuesday Runnings and Bum Muscles

Had Ultimate again last night, but I was only running at about 30% because I appear to have done something to my "bum muscle" (probably better known as the sciatic nerve or something, but who needs technical terms when my term fits so much better?)

Anyway, I pulled said bum muscle last Tuesday playing Ultimate. I took a funny step, and then the pain shot down from my lower back, through the bum muscle and into my hamstring. Right leg only. But it was gone within about 10 minutes, just sort of subsiding by itself.

After about 15 minutes last night, (even though it was totally fine on Monday night), it was sore again. Every time I went off the field, it started to get better, only to get worse when my line was back on. Grr.

Now it just hurts. Even when I sit. I need a massage, I'm told by my teammates. But I don't have benefits in my job yet because I'm technically only a "temporary" employee. I do have a gift certificate for a massage from a friend, but I think it's more for one of those luxury "relaxing" massages, as opposed to something more theraputic. I'm not sure. I have to phone.

In the meantime, there will be no running for Kim until Ultimate on Monday. It does not feel good. Let's hope it's better by then, I don't want to make it worse and create a permanent, recurring injury for myself.
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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Monday Nite Runnings

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights, I play Ultimate Frisbee. For the uninitiated, it's a team sport that is a combination of soccer, basketball, and football... with a disc. I won't bother trying to explain the rules, other than to say that you run. A lot. It's like interval training -- a lot of sprinting, then walking, then stopping, then sprinting, etc.

I played last night -- it was a quick game, but it felt good. I'm finding my endurance is getting SO much better. It usually only takes a couple of weeks but this year, with the rain we've had, it's taken longer.

So, what I'm hoping, is that this will translate into better endurance when I try to hit the road to just run. I stop and start like a pro, but to go for any more than five minutes (which I did twice last week) is my own personal hell.

I play tonight, and would normally try to run on my own Wednesday night but I have a wedding rehearsal dinner to go to, a football game Thursday night, then the actual wedding on Friday. I won't get to run until Saturday.

That is, unless I get up early tomorrow to run before work. And THAT isn't likely.
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We are a ragtag trio of individuals separated only by national flags and brought together by the common goal of beating those bastards we call shin splints, charlie horses, etc. by way of comraderie! This blog is a place to lick the wounds resulting from running, a place to share the pain with others. A place to say, "I won't give up, because I'll be a panty waist wuss if I do!" "I am Runner, here me roar!" - Rick

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Name: Kim
Stats: 5'3". 143lbs. 26 yrs. old.
Goal:120lbs. and to be able to run for 30 mins. non-stop.
Location:Manitoba, Canada
Blog: MittenNKim
Quote: "Why does it have to hurt so much?"

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Name: Pam
Stats: 4'9", 32 yrs. old.
Goal: Lose weight/do a half marathon in the fall.
Location:Ontario, Canada
Blog: Running Commentary

Quote:"Shut up and run."

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Stats: 6'3". Weight would be good for someone over 7' tall. Far side of 45.
Goal: 90lbs., give or take a few.  I already run/walk 10k's.
Location: Conn., USA
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